Why Gold Coast is the Top rated Location for Million Dollar Mansions

Why Gold Coast is the Top rated Location for Million Dollar Mansions Manish Khanna
Manish Khanna
Monday 26 Feb 2018

Australia’s housing market has been seeing towering house price rises in the last 5 years and is still powering ahead. Three luxury properties of Gold Coast made to the top 10 list of most-viewed Queensland homes on an esteemed property website for 2017, which proves that the city comprises of world-class luxuriant properties. The estate market of Gold Coast is currently primarily driven by investors in the opulent properties and the foreign buyers who are recurrently active across the city.

There is no shortage of beautiful high rising cities in Australia, but none of them is as iconic as Gold Coast. The coastal region of Queensland and its mesmerising beaches are so prominent that they hardly miss on drawing millions of domestic and global visitors each year. Million dollar mansions of this legendary destination Gold Coast are the preeminent choices of travellers seeking luxurious accommodations, and its market is presently offering the most exceptional opportunities.

The current economic growth cycle of Australia which began in 2012, shows that Gold Coast’s property market has climbed up to 74% till the end of 2017, based on figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics , sometimes rising more than 7% in a year. Gold Coast’s property market created such wonders in the past five years which has given the prospects to purchase a luxury property for a better price than the market peak by the potential buyers.

Impact of Commonwealth Games on Gold Coast property market

Gold Coast is all set to host Commonwealth Games in 2018, which has boosted its tourism and property prices- a trend which is likely to continue in future. As the host city of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, there’s a big buzz across Gold Coast with multi-million dollar construction works. The preparations for this mega event occurring first time in the last decade have created the most favourable property market for Gold Coast and have been attracting international and interstate attention.

The property prices in the city have been continuously increasing since 2013 on an annual basis and continuing to rise. Similarly, unit values have also been augmented by 4.7 % to A$379,634. Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ), Gold Coast zone, has announced to give a low-interest rate environment which will lead to more opportunities during the Common Wealth Games.
The Commonwealth Games 2018 has offered a colossal momentum for the economic development of gold coast. The state govt of Queensland and Gold Coast city council has invested A$13 billion in infrastructural investments which shows that Govt has actively invested in the infrastructure. This has involved the consideration towards the luxury properties much more. People have gone more interested in Gold Coast from all around the globe.

Exciting growth and opportunities are in the rise as the increase in infrastructure and development of health and knowledge sector have given results to many new jobs and industries benefitting tourism, sports, education, food, beverage, health and medical, etc.

Recent studies of real estate marketers

The most recent studies and report by Valuer- General for the year 2017, show that Gold Coast came up as one of the most influential regional property markets in Queensland in last few years. Situated within the South East Queensland’s growth corridor, Gold Coast has grown all the way from a small beachside holiday destination to Australia’s most celebrated city for opulence lifestyle enthusiasts. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia with almost 10 million travellers per year. The principal industries of Gold Coast include technology, information communication, food, education, tourism, sports etc. But the real estate sector, especially in case of luxury accommodation, has grown in the international market like never before.

According to the figures from the ABS Australian Bureau of statistics, after Gold Coast, Melbourne saw the highest increase by 16% during the year 2107 which was followed by Sydney with 14.8%, Canberra by 9%, Adelaide by 5.1%, and Brisbane by 3.9%. The statistics are gloomy, but Gold Coast is the hope and reason to be positive. Real estate professionals are optimistic and have predicted the Gold Coast’s property growth to continue.

One brilliant instance is the customised 108-apartment luxury tower which was the hot topic on the lavish real estate market which became the most elite address on Gold Coast, the property watchers have predicted that the penthouse might go beyond $10 million. It has already appealed to global high flyers and will swank scenic views from Burleigh Heads to South Stradbroke Island.

Gold Coast- First choice of Luxury Lovers

Gold Coast is one of most popular tourist’s destinations in Australia and was among the “Top Destinations on Rise” on a renowned travel website’s rankings of 2017. More than any other favourite cities, Gold Coast has grown tremendously over past few years and had much more to offer than ‘Surfers Paradise’.

Gold Coast has been evolving in such a way in last one year only that you will be stunned. You will fall in love with the nonchalant lifestyle and surfing culture. The craft brew is mounting, restaurants and cafes are exploding, and markets are getting better and better. It has clear creeks, immaculate beaches, and canals which gives way to a plethora of water activities like Jet skiing, stand up paddle boarding, fishing, surfing etc.

The city is great for raising families. The education system is immaculate here, in case you have kids. The schools are focused on real learning; they are supportive and encouraging.
In Gold Coast, You will get a window to a wide range of opportunities, experiences, numerous activities and facilities and of course -the beaches. The vibrant outdoor activities like walkers, runners, surfers, boot campers, kayakers etc. keeps you encouraged for a healthy lifestyle. An ideal day spent in Gold Coast is lazing around the beautiful beaches and having the most comfortable way of life.
Place of adventure for all ages- Gold Coast is the ideal place for adventure junkies. All of Australia’s adventure and theme parks are located here in Gold Coast. Most famous among them being ‘Sea World’, ‘Movie World’, ‘Dream World, ‘We and Wild’.

The adventure trails are endless like quad biking in Hinterlands, jet boating on the Broadwater, world-class surfing beaches, great cruises etc.

Rainforest-The wildlife sanctuary is quite famous. There is more world heritage listed rainforest national parks in Hinterlands, which is a short drive from Gold Coast. Giant glum trees, fern trees and many other varieties are part of this rainforest.

Nightlife- It’s great, exciting and pumping. Surfers Paradise is the busiest city beach and also known for its nightlife. Cocktails, beer gardens, wine bars, casinos, theatre restaurants, pubs and local cafes- Gold Coast provides the best nightlife.

Climate- The glowing orange sky and the sunshine help you enjoy outdoor activities to the fullest. You can enjoy accidental rains and the cyclonic waves rolling over the beach will keep you in awe of the power and exquisiteness of Mother Nature.

Gold Coast is home to many world surfing champions. This point is for surfers and locals, as well as tourists, who gather around for their outings and picnics to watch the surfers, which make them, feel super safe, chilled and affable. Best surfing beaches include Coolangatta and Kirra. Coolangatta is most famous Australian surfing beach. Don’t get astounded if you meet dolphins also at some points.

Gold Coast has so many festivals and events that attract tourists every year. The famous ones are ‘Blues festival’ and ‘Country festival’. When you walk down the road, you will get that street party vibe and will observe that everyone around is having the best time which will make you feel more alive.

Gold Coast has an international airport at Coolangatta. It’s as close as a 15-minute drive which makes plane travel a lot easier with no hassles at all. Thus, this city extends itself to a pool of luxuries which can add to your opulent and lavish lifestyle.

Gold Coast overtakes Sydney and Melbourne

Sydney and Melbourne housing markets are overvalued by 40% as the current statistics show and the worst part is that they are expecting a further increase by 10% to 15% according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). However, Gold Coast is still upholding its prices for the luxury market and is still the favourite choice for buyers.

After the great rise in August 2107, Sydney’s property values have been following down by about 3.1% which broadly suggests that the expensive end of the market has been falling faster. Why this can be bad news for Sydney lovers is because the top 25% of the market is down by 4.8% while the more affordable ones are down by only 0.9 %. Hence the luxury mansions are not in the news for Sydney.

Sydney's luxurious market was among the hardest hit during the years following the financial crisis. Famous suburbs like Vaucluse which had prestigious property values got decreased up to 20%. However, the current situation is further distorted as the values are crawling down. Sydney has hence decided to make their property investment widely to more affordable markets which make it quite unfavourable for luxurious property lovers. Property watchers have also predicted a massive hike in interest rates and a decline in equity markets, which will make Sydney all the more expensive.

According to a recently released data, Gold Coast property’ price rises were 7.9 % whereas Melbourne was the only capital city in passing over with an 8.3 % increase. However, despite this fact, Melbourne still doesn’t have that appeal in its luxury mansions and has failed to attract local or global buyers.

Gold Coast outpaces Brisbane

Research has shown that Gold Coast has been experiencing more brisk growth than Brisbane. The stimulation of internal migration to Queensland has brought about most of the demand across this region. In order to secure the splendid properties in Gold Coast, buyers from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are ready to use their earned substantial equity also, to acquire the affluent accommodation.

The fascinating suburbs of Gold Coast like Currumbin Valley, Broadbeach Waters, Bilinga and Clear Island Waters also saw a jump of 20 % house prices over the past year, which makes it more desirable than Brisbane in the existing scenario of the luxury market.

The Elite Experience of Affordable Luxury

Gold Coast brings you the world's finest luxury villas, mansions and apartments. These elite properties provide you with a wide range of splendidly fixed waterfront and beachside accommodations.
These mansions are virtually located in the vicinity of beautiful restaurants, shops and fantastic Gold coast beaches. These mansions have such an ambience that they will elevate your lifestyle and will create the seamless environment for enjoying the beauty of the city to its maximum.

Waterfront views, striking master bedrooms, and rooftop decks are just the starters for such luxury mansions in Gold Coast.

Ultimate location- Gold Coast is the most unbeatable location in Australia whether it’s about the beach, theme parks, the best shops, the city, or the rainforests. If you want a life close to the beach, then nothing can be more soothing than a luxury mansion in Gold Coast.

Waterfront views- The foremost thing that comes to mind when we think of luxury living in the waterfront view. Nothing is more relaxing than hearing the sound of waves crashing on the shore the first thing in the morning. These mansions offer the picturesque riverfront and skyline.

Stunning master bedrooms-The interior is as much particular as the exterior of the mansions. These mansions have incorporated fanciful master bedrooms that will uplift your mood the moment you enter them, which also adds a bit of romance in your life. Not just the master bedrooms but these villas have jetted bathtubs, suite bathrooms and the most stylishly designed wardrobes.

Heated pools and spas- Luxury accommodation in the Gold Coast doesn’t get completed without heated pools and spas. Enjoying the warm water of the heated pool of your home adds peace to your mind. The spas will further relax your body and will add extras to your great night sleep.

Rooftop decks-Rooftop decks on these luxurious mansions complete the stunning look of these delightful mansions. These decks add an extra touch to your luxurious lifestyle for socialising, partying and enjoying the breath-taking views.
From ocean panoramas to steaming spas and astounding beach views, Gold Coast will offer you plenty of options for luxury accommodation. The city has become the leading destination in the international market, and it’s more than safe to say that investing in Gold Coast’ opulent property market is a good idea. 

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