What Is Bigger, A Manor Or A Mansion? Why Are They Named Differently?

What Is Bigger, A Manor Or A Mansion? Why Are They Named Differently? Manish Khanna
Manish Khanna
Friday 22 Jun 2018

Big mansions have always captured the imagination of the young and the old. Their look and style may have changed over the decades, but the touch of magnificence hasn’t faded a bit. An ultra-luxurious residential home built on expansive manicured landscapes in a vibrant city is the image that conjures up in our minds when we talk about million dollar properties. Equipped with lush gardens, massive swimming pools, lawn tennis courts, waterfront locations, and other such amenities, these high-end houses look like they have been hijacked from the bestselling fiction novels. Exuding a royal charm, these massive facades are architectural marvels that every high net-worth individual yearns to own. With an increase in incomes and piqued interest in living a lavish lifestyle, the demand for luxury real estate has increased manifolds in Australia. Foreign investors, as well as wealthy locals, are now eyeing high-end residences to turn them into extravagant abodes. If you too wish to buy a luxury property for sale in Australia, then you can focus your energies towards finding the hot-selling markets.   

Predictably, Sydney and Melbourne top the charts for being home to the most beautiful properties which have blown away the minds of people from all walks of life. Sydney was ranked among the top 10 cities for luxury real estate in the world in 2017. However, with saturation setting in the two commercial hubs, the focus is now shifting towards Brisbane. Also, the top-end real estate market has witnessed a decline of 1.1% in property prices in the last one year. Therefore it is the right time to invest as the prices are falling and foreign investors are showing interest in flourishing cities of Toronto and Auckland to spend their fortunes. This does not mean that there are no more majestic homes up for sale in these regions. The most expensive home sold in the country is located in Sydney's eastern suburb of Vaucluse and was bought by a Chinese billionaire for $70 million. The skyrocketing price tag is proof enough that people will go to any lengths to acquire the property they have got their eyes set on. So whether you are looking for a mansion or a manor, your dream home is still out there. This brings us to the pertinent question - which is bigger, a manor or a mansion? Typically, both are large physical houses and the terms have been in use since the medieval times. Today, they are used interchangeably to identify expansive and grand houses equipped with all the modern amenities. Here is the reason why they are named differently.  


The term manor originated in Europe, where houses built on a vast land comprising fields and houses of peasants were termed as manors. They were owned by feudal lords in medieval Europe who controlled these farming estates. In the middle ages, a manor would include the homes of serfs, fields, a church, and the house of the feudal lord. These days a large countryside house is called a manor and has moved away from the castle-like image it held for a long time. The modern manors are beautiful structures positioned in green environs alongside picturesque views that can steal anyone’s heart. Here are a few million dollar manors for sale in Australia that are hard to resist.

1.    A contemporary artist retreat located in Maleny, Sunshine Coast, is the perfect house for families wanting to live the peaceful life under the shade of the greens. Built on 13 acres of private land, it comes with a two-level gallery and a separate one-bedroom apartment. Surrounded by a scenic backdrop of Glasshouse Mountains, it has a big lawn area and is close to a spring-fed dam and running creek. The verdant property has a plethora of garden paths and walkways. If the idea of living in this beautiful home excites you, click on the link below to find more information.


2.    A beautiful acreage in Sunshine Coast for both family and equestrian purposes. It includes two-bay stable with fans, drive through float carport, two living rooms, four king-sized bedrooms, large in-ground swimming pool, three large paddocks, garage, and 10,000-gallon rainwater storage. With so much on offer, this elegant property is a catch for those looking to move away from the gridlock of the congested cities. If you wish to take a sneak peek into the property, follow the link below:


3.  Tucked away in a quiet setting, the stunning house has a verdant outdoor space with alfresco decks and a resort style swimming pool. The massive property has five bedrooms including a fantastic master retreat along with lounge room and kid’s entertainment room. It is a haven for people wanting to live a tranquil family life. If you wish to feel the same way, click on the link below:



A mansion is a very large house and is the modern version of castles built in Europe during the middle ages. Today, any lavish house covering 5,000 to 8,000 square feet of area is called a mansion. While the enormous ones can have 8 to 10 bedrooms, the minimum requirement is of 5 to 6 bedrooms. Usually, the mansions have grand dining rooms, sweeping staircases, big entertainment or recreational areas, and all the state-of-the-art amenities. Here are a few examples of mansions that are available for sale in Australia.

1.    A stunning home with astounding views located on a 3-acre hillside on the Pacific Coast. This modern mansion is surrounded by breathtaking views of mountains and sea. It has a grand master suite, four enormous bedrooms, spa room, remote garaging, workshop, and dual level structure. If coming home to a grand palatial style home is what you have been dreaming about, then click on the link below:


2.    Immaculately maintained, this a luxe mansion located in the stunning Benowa Hills and offering scintillating views of the Gold Coast skyline. The dual level house has multiple alfresco social zones, pool with waterfall, gym, wine cellar, study, storage area, triple garaging, an alfresco bar and much more. If the idea of getting pampered like royalty is your ideal way of living, then follow the link below.


3.    Get mesmerised by resort-style living in this exquisitely built waterfront mansion in one of Broadbeach Water’s famous streets. The five-bedroom residence has a covered pavilion deck that overlooks the pool, spa and the river. Surrounded by lush gardens and turquoise waters, this is an award-winning home that is on every individual’s wish-list. If you would like to own it, click on the link below:


Endnote: Both manor and mansion are names of the same style of housing and have been derived from the Latin word mansus, which implies dwelling. The two were named differently because of their usage in the middle ages. In the modern world, both are used to represent a huge property.