Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis Chelsea Bent
Chelsea Bent
Sunday 31 Aug 2014
Mila Kunis is one celebrity who is presently very popular in the tabloids. Being pregnant to her Fiancé, renowned actor Ashton Kutcher, they are regularly featured in Magazines and on the web. The topic of interest that has been ‘hot’ in regards to this couple is not the pregnancy or their relationship; it is Kunis’s beautiful Mediterranean Bachelorette. Why? It is currently ‘For Sale’. 

With the family life in mind both Kutcher and Kunis have sold their separate homes, Kutcher selling his Bachelor pad back in June, they have reportedly bought a more traditional home in Beverly Hills in May to settle down in.  Kunis has enlisted the Altman brothers to sell her home.  

The house is question is located at 3028 Paulcrest Drive, Los Angeles CA 90046. The house is gorgeous, with a distinct elegant Mediterranean design, it also features unparalleled views. You will find the house located on a private cul de sac, the surrounding houses being both higher and lower in price. The house at the end of the cu de sac and to the right of Kunis’s home is rated at impressive $7.5 million. This being highest valued home in the area, the other houses surrounding are between the prices of $1.5-$2 million. 

The neighbourhood, Hollywood Hills, has a predicted value increase of 8.4% over the next year. This house like the others in the neighbourhood is 162.8% more expensive than the midpoint (median) home, and with the predicted increase in value it is a home you would want to buy ‘now’. 

The design and aesthetic of the home is luxurious, the compound being completely redone from top to bottom during Kunis’s stay. It has high ceilings and an open floor plan, and it features ‘breathtaking panoramic views from every room’ (pictures below). 

The 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms are sufficient for a family and are perfect for entertaining. Some of the features and inclusions are listed down below. 

•‘Crestron’ security system

•8 seat home movie theatre with a spectacular sounds system and integrated entertainment enclave. 

•Chef’s kitchen with ‘SubZero’ appliances

•Full service cabana and seating area

•Woodview-deck with pool/hot tub 

These features are what make this home luxurious and of the 5 star rating. If it is sold under the asking price of $3,995,000 it is noted that Kunis would be making a profit of around $1,000,000 from the price she bought it in September 2009, which was a total of $2,885,000. 

The house itself is the definition of a luxury home, with all the features and inclusions that define ‘prestige’.  The neighbourhood having a predicted increase in value will also be an important factor as this can be seen as an investment with the chance for a price increase. Overall the news that this house has been put on the market has been widespread due to it being the previous home of A-list celebrity Mila Kunis. It can be predicted that the house will be snatched up quickly by one lucky buyer.