Homes That Have Caught The Fancy Of The Super-Rich In Australia

Homes That Have Caught The Fancy Of The Super-Rich In Australia Manish Khanna
Manish Khanna
Thursday 17 Oct 2019

The tarnishing effect of the drop in housing prices has not reached the A-grade properties of Australia yet. The premium segment is still reporting a surge with million-dollar deals being closed almost every day in the upmarket areas of the country. It is not surprising, though as the number of affluent people across the world has been on the rise, and this has been backed by the Wealth Report of Wealth-X. The population of the super-rich rose by 10% globally in 2017 and continues to soar.

Naturally, they look for the hottest destinations with high-end facilities and superior standard of living to pick a home. This is the reason why luxury property for sale in Australia is not showing any signs of downturn despite the sluggish housing property market.

Credit restrictions might have affected small investors, but the big fish are loaded with foreign currency and willing to shell out the big buck for a trophy home. Penthouses and waterfront properties are the newfound obsession of wealthy people. Let’s take a look at the homes that have been grabbing all the attention among the high-net-worth individuals.

 Mansions That Exude Abundance   

From Hong Kong and Tokyo to London and New York, mansions are the most sough-after luxurious real estate globally as they glorify the upscale living standard of the ultra-rich. It is no secret that the affluent people are not shying away from spending millions on such lavish real estate. This is the reason why we witness some of the biggest deals taking place in the country even in times of a lull.

Mansions are the most expensive homes across the world which are owned by billionaires and are spread over thousands of square feet and equipped with avant-garde amenities and fixtures. From tennis courts, gyms and libraries to wood-panelled foyers, gardens and wine cellars, these ultra mansions are unbelievably massive and extravagant. The jaw-dropping interiors, coupled with expensive antiques and plush furnishings, make them look like dream castles built with precision and a lot of money.

Currently, a stylish mansion is up for sale in New South Wales which has been grabbing all the attention with its 3.6 acres of space covered with a 5-bedroom residence. It includes a theatre room, wine cellar, indoor swimming pool, high range appliances, rainwater tanks, double garage, etc. In a nutshell, it is the haven of your dreams.  For more information on this luxury property for sale in Canberra, visit here,      

 Opulent Waterfront Homes 

Who doesn’t want to live in a beach house? It is magical to live with the sound of the colliding waves that make your evenings blissful and mornings so refreshing. The coastal areas in Australia are highly regarded for ostentatious dwellings that justify the high standard living of the rich and the famous. From Sydney’s northern beaches to coastal Queensland, the prosperity exuded by the waterfront homes is unmatched.

Seaside residences spread over a vast area are the dream homes of all the celebrities and ultra-rich people who need to escape from the prying eyes of the people. Constructed with exceptional architecture and offering stunning views of the water, these homes are replete with a plethora of high-end amenities which make them appear extraordinary. 

Making its neighbours envious, one such home in Gold Coast rests above the Tweed Valley. With mesmerising views of the ocean, river and the valley, it is a property that has stolen many hearts. The icing on the cake is the interior designing done by ‘Design DC’. It is a one in a million house which truly exemplifies the grandeur of the owner. For complete details of this waterfront home for sale in Gold Coast, visit here

 Apartments With Ocean Views

Gone are the days when the wealthy used to bask in the glory of the sun on their private beaches. When apartments are allowing a panoramic view of the ocean with complete privacy, why do they need to fight for space? With a growing population and constraints of land availability, the establishment of high-end villas has come down. The number of people living in apartments has gone up by 78% in the last 25 years in the country.

The rising demand for water-front properties among the prosperous segment has helped in the development of ultra-luxurious apartments which come replete with the best creature comforts. From fully loaded kitchens and alfresco balconies to high-end fixtures and lavish interiors, they boast of everything you can ask for within the premises.

The apartment buildings are well-appointed with indoor swimming pools, rooftop BBQ, sporting facilities, fully-equipped gymnasiums, saunas and spas, etc. One such property listed in Gold Coast area is located in the Runaway Bay. It offers facilities like a gold class 16 seat theatre along with a library, lounge, pilates, steam room, heated lap pool, etc. Thus it has everything one can ask for in a house and much more. For more information on this luxury property for sale in Gold Coast, visit here

 Villas In The Hinterland

Although the Sydney-based mansions are breaking all records with their staggering prices and have given rise to the ultra-prime bracket, there are many millionaires who wish to stay away from the limelight. Moving away from the obvious choices of Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, these high-net-worth individuals are looking at peaceful environments that give them a taste of the rustic life.

It is a fact that not everyone is fond of the glitz and glamour of the metropolitan cities. There are many who crave for the countryside views and idyllic life that helps them unwind. The hustle-bustle of the cities and the commercial allure is sometimes too much to handle for people who are always surrounded by work and money.

To stay grounded and feel close to nature, they opt for beautiful villas hidden away in the natural beauty of the Australian landscape, such as an exquisite place in Noosa, Sunshine Coast. You can appreciate the vast expanse of lush greenery in this 6-bedroom villa with four manicured level acres, pool, outdoor entertainment area, railcar accommodation, spacious verandahs etc. Have a look at the details of this luxury property for sale in Noosa here


The spending power of the well-to-do is on the surge with more and more deals being closed at the highest possible prices in the big cities. However, the quest for luxury real estate for sale in Australia is not restricted to the metros. It has reached to the suburbs which have more space and waterfront options.