How Luxury Homes are Evolving with Market

How Luxury Homes are Evolving with Market Manish Khanna
Manish Khanna
Tuesday 08 Aug 2017

For a very long time now, luxury homes have always been modelled after almost similar concepts. You have the large, plush gardens, designer swimming pools, 5-star kitchens, wonderful ocean views and a price tag that will have your head spinning. Although these concepts still hold true today, in many ways, luxury homes have evolved with the market demand across the globe.

What used to be specific to Europe can now be found in Africa; what was exclusive to the Islands of Greece can now be pictured on the shores of Australia and so on. Today, almost everywhere you go, you will find a luxurious home that is not only fitted with amazing amenities but also fully equipped with high-end technological automation features that make living in these homes a joy for the owners.

Luxury Homes Evolving with Market

The evolution of luxury homes has been brought about by an increase in demand from people who can afford it. These people have access to all kinds of design options spanning across the globe. The soaring ceilings and expansive gardens featured in the Victorian era are now easily found online and budding luxury homeowners are demanding the same standards, albeit with a few modifications.

Where it all used to be about the address of one's home, now it is about much more than just where the house stands. It is also about what features the house has to offer:

- Private gyms.

- Private swimming pools.

- Private gardens.

- Fully stocked bars.

- Large parking lots with a luxurious drive.

- Complete home automation.

- Italian, Mediterranean based interior designs.

- Top of the range home security systems.

These are just a few of the things that define luxury today. As much as the houses still need to be expansive and well decorated, they need these additional features to reflect the newly found status of the owners.

The Hallmark of Luxury Homes Today

It is about much more than the design (this is extremely important too) or the location (still very important) - these are considered a given if you are to have a luxurious home. Many of the modern day luxurious homes are in much more secluded areas today. Many stand far apart from the local population and require prior arrangement between the visitor and owner to locate and view.

Additional hallmarks of luxury include other aspects of design such as:

- State-of-the-art kitchens that include double sinks, commercial veggie washing taps, range style ovens, cool rooms and a whole lot of bench space that can hold the latest kitchen based gadget on the market.

- Excellent interior fittings such as marble-effect bench tops, oversized fridges and freezers from brands such as Sub-Zero, above the cooktop pot fillers, under bench cool drawers and so on.

Apart from all this, more luxury homeowners are now focused on the entertainment value and capability of their homes. Whereas in the past the swimming pool area, dining room and basement bars where the hallmark of luxury, today, the focus is on a more seamless indoor/outdoor entertainment area that can host a lot more people with segregation.

Preferred Home Automation Features

Apart from the location and the designs, most luxury homeowners now want various home automation features that offer them a more comfortable and secure dwelling. Among the most popular automation features are things such as:

Electrical gadgets: Most luxury homes have electrical gadgets that can be controlled automatically and remotely. Now, one can control the lighting within their house, their sound system, room temperatures and so on. You can even set your heater to come on at a certain time so that you have hot water when you walk into the bathroom. You even have the option of setting your TV on a timer to start playing your preferred content at a preferred time.

Lifestyle features: Imagine automatically controlling your curtains (setting them to be drawn in the morning and closed in the evening), programming your coffee maker so it starts brewing you a fresh pot by the time you wake up and a house-wide alarm system that wakes the entire family up. These are all lifestyle features that can now be installed in luxury homes around the world.

Security features: Luxury homeowners now have the capability to monitor their homes even when they are not around. These are the kind of security features that many require. It gives them full control of their homes and makes them feel safer and more secure. Security gadgets such as short-circuit cameras, smoke detectors, motion sensors, gas leak detectors, alarms, automatic garage door openers, and even real human guards are all part of the package.

The biggest contributing factor to all this is that those who can afford it have access to all kinds of motivating information. From everything they see on TV to the kind of luxury hotel rooms they stay in when they travel abroad, these people are looking to bring that kind of comfort back home. Couple that with the fact that many luxury real estate developers are keen on displaying their best work online, and you have a class of wealthy would-be homeowners who know exactly what they want and are not afraid to pay for it.

Bespoke luxury homes are even more popular because they offer even more exclusivity and originality. It gives them an opportunity to brag about how different and special their home is and furthermore, it allows them to determine the kind of resale price they want should they ever decide to put their luxury home up for sale.

It is true that luxury homes have evolved with the market demand. From large homes that have beautiful ceilings to fully automated apartments that are close to major transport hubs like airports, the rich can now determine what they want their homes to look like and where they want them to be built.