Distinguished Luxury Properties Enter Australia's Searing Beach Home Market

Distinguished Luxury Properties Enter Australia's Searing Beach Home Market Manish Khanna
Manish Khanna
Monday 01 Apr 2019

Beach homes are the ultimate luxurious asset which all wealthy individuals yearn to acquire. The cool breeze filled extravaganzas outlining the scintillating Australian coasts are known to strike a chord with the sun and sand lovers. Sydney has been the hot favourite in the market for waterfront prestige properties for the longest time.

The whopping price tags of its swanky homes send the industry into a tizzy every time a big investor or celebrity acquires a mansion or manor in the metropolis. The mesmerising views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House over the splendid waters have generated the highest returns for sellers.

With the saturation of Sydney and prices going over the roof, people are now shifting their focus on other coastal areas of Australia. The east coast areas with stunning regions like Byron Bay and Sunshine Coast on its list have caught the attention of the real estate seekers. With investors on the lookout for luxury properties for sale in Australia showing interest in these distinctive beach home properties, the sector has witnessed a newfound boom. Although the prices in Sydney and Melbourne have gone down recently due to stricter lending laws, the luxury real estate segment in the country has stayed unaffected due to the emergence of the new properties.       

 Sunshine Coast Is The Next Hottest Real Estate Market

Experts are pointing towards the strategic location of the trophy homes now available in Sunshine Coast which are generating a lot of buzz. These properties are primed for growth and will surely earn a high return on investment for the buyers. The value of residential assets has increased by 5.8% in the past year in the region and this surge is expected to continue in the future as well.

The demand from buyers is rising and so is the population of Queensland. The lifestyle homes are trending among the affluent segment of target buyers as the region is on the verge of an infrastructure boom. Various developmental projects are underway in Sunshine Coast such as a new runway at the airport which will go international by next year. Another hospital and a health zone are also being built in the vicinity.

 Byron Bay Follows Suit With Rising Prices

The opulently designed homes in Byron Bay are selling at prices that no one could imagine. During 2017-18, the beachfront residences ruled the roost and the mega-mansions by the bay got the highest dollars.   Most of the sales took place around the threshold of $4 million. The surge in demand can be attributed to the migration of the investors from Sydney and Melbourne to other coastal areas.

The affordability of these waterfront properties when compared to the skyrocketing prices in Sydney and Melbourne is attracting buyers in huge numbers. Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast have raked in more money than other inner regions because of their proximity to the turquoise waters. While the country is coming to terms with the stricter credit policy and downturn in the housing market, the prestige property segment has turned the tables.

Some of the biggest deals were cracked in Queensland in 2018 and the top 20 purchases included waterfront houses. The highest price fetched was a staggering $18 million for a beachfront dwelling on Sunshine Beach. Noosa is not far behind in the quest for finding the most scenic house. Investors are willing to shell out $20 million for buying a prestige property close to the unspoiled beach. So let us take a look at the best waterfront properties ready for sale in Queensland, which is being hailed as the best place to invest in Australia by real estate experts in the country.

 The Pride Of Broadbeach

This award-winning lifestyle house on Broadbeach offers the luxury of living in a resort-like dwelling. Blessed with mesmerising views of the water, this majestic property is modern as well as classic in its outlook. Well-appointed with all the comforts and elegant interiors, it is a dream home for those looking for a sea-change. Take a look at this fantastic 5-bedroom and 3-bathroom home right here.


 The Jewel On The Pacific Coast

This 3-acre hillside house with stunning views of the coast can take anyone’s breath away. Surrounded by lush green national park, striking walking trails, and enchanting views of the water, it is a property that will be off the market pretty soon. Built with 4 massive bedrooms, expansive verandahs, exquisite interiors, it is priced to sell. If you want to grab this gem, then click on the link below.


 Manhattan-Inspired Luxury Residence  

Imagine a stylishly designed ritzy house which boasts of a deck with an overview of the beach. Welcome to a futuristic single-level dwelling which exudes glitz and glamour in every way. The 3-bedroom property will have you hooked to its fantastic water views and trendy designs of its interiors. To own this ostentatious asset, click on the link below.


 Sophisticated Property With A Spectacular View

This is a contemporarily built beautiful house offering amazing views of the water. The 4-bedroom property comes with soaring ceilings, exquisite spaces and lavish entertainment zones. Artistically crafted and meticulously maintained, this beachfront residence is up for grabs in Gold Coast. If you want to gather further details, check out the link given below.


 Charming Dwelling On Main Beach

Perfect in every sense, this chic property offers astounding panoramic views of the beach. Boasting of designer interiors, it is an appealing home that brings to you magical sunsets and a luxurious lifestyle filled with high-end shopping, dining and enjoyment. If you wish to own this grand property, then click on the link below.



The allure of finding ultra deluxe coastal properties away from the overcrowded cities of Sydney and Melbourne is a much-needed respite for leisure seekers. The additional advantage of being affordable yet plush makes them popular among the high and mighty investors from around the world. This goes to show that luxury real estate for sale in Australia is not going to slow down in the coming years and is the right investment option for buyers planning to expand their portfolio.