A Former Church in Melbourne Sold for $6m

A Former Church in Melbourne Sold for $6m Manish Khanna
Manish Khanna
Friday 20 Oct 2017

A former church in one of the Melbourne’s most opulent suburbs that has transformed into a sumptuous residential house is sold for $6 million. This is touted as a record price as per the property’s list agent.

The entire transition process of the old and departed church is outstanding- all thanks to the owner-architect of this property, Ilana Kister, who lived in the house and renovated it into a four-bedroom house from scratch.  

When did the renovation process begin?

Ms Ilana Kister bought the house in 2012 when it was only promoted to commercial users and residential renovators. At that time, she thought something creative with her architectural skills by structuring innovative designs and executing them into a real life. She literary spent two years on the renovation and sold it for around ($5.8 - $6.38 million).  

Since the Church was built in 1874, it took tough time to renovate it into a new, stylish, and lavish home. She used the property’s space beautifully and aesthetically renovated both, inside and out. She re-created the entire 7,750-square-foot curvilinear wood along with courtyard to make the property more precious and swanky.  

The Courtyard House: Reconnecting heritage with modernisation

A former church is now known as ‘The Courtyard House’, which has everything that you can dream off for a modernistic tranquil lifestyle. The house has a symbolic touch between the old and creative architecture. Ms Kister kept traditional architecture structure in mind while converting it into a rakish residential property.

The main attraction of the site is its circular courtyard. In the re-creation of Courtyard, the standard house cube has been converted into a horizontal plane, while the follow-up canopy creates a sharp linear opposite to the rounded forms.

While the entire site has been renovated, Ms Kister left the church space empty, along with its vaulted ceilings, chandelier, and windows to let the new owner use it according to their preferences. During the renovation period, she opened myriad of creative spheres and introduced some breathtaking interior designs. Let’s see how she structured the entire house:

Key Attractions of this million dollar residential house

Solar Heated Pool

You will be mesmerized with a view of the 55-foot solar heated pool in the courtyard of this prestigious house. Ms Kister tried to give a swimming pool area a more bliss and energy and that’s the reason why she opted for the solar heated pool to minimise the loss of heat from evaporation.

Apart from its technical aspect, the overall look and feel of a swimming pool can definitely steal your heart.  

Roof Garden

Ms Kister kept nature in mind while renovating the former church into a ravishing house. She created a beautiful and captivating rooftop garden to nourish the love for gardening and improving the overall atmosphere. She has creatively used the empty space of roof to build a rooftop garden.  She kept everything subtle while planting shrubs on the roof area.  

The lush-green area at the top of the house is like an icing on the cake. It has enhanced the entire look and feel of the house and given it a more prestigious look.  

A spacious garage

Apart from an opulent and ritzy residential interior design, the house is offering a spacious 4-car garage area with the state-of-the-art design. The garage is a perfect place to store batteries, tools, and other essential tools along with your big cars. You can park here without worrying about excessive cold or heat exposure.  

Alluring Living or Dining area

The charm of a prestigious house lies in the design and structure of a living/dining area. It simply creates the outline of a new space in a home. That is the reason why ‘The Courtyard House’ has the most appealing living/dining room with an imperial chandelier at the top of the ceiling – giving the most glamorous gaze.

The best part is the living areas on both levels are comprised of northern light to reflect shady and alluring light within the boundaries of living areas both, in and out.  

Four Gorgeous Bedrooms

This million dollar property has four spacious bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The interiors of all the 4 bedrooms have been inspired by both the traditional and contemporary artwork and will give you a glimpse of aristocratic design.

The master suites have ample amounts of wardrobe sections and elegant marble flooring, bespoke interior design, wall arts, etc to give bedrooms a royal glance.  

The Beautiful Courtyard

A splendid contemporary house has a beautiful private courtyard that reflects the presence of Mediterranean goodness with the positive vibe that gives you a sense of relaxation. There is a carpet of green grass that will take you closer to nature. A narrow entryway takes you into the main house where you can feel the warmth and calmness.

The overview of pared back creates a modernistic ambience that reflects a sense of relief and gives you a luxurious feel. This is how Ms Kister explained her beautifully designed million dollar mansion. Now, the property has been sold out for around $ 6 million. It is considered as one of the most expensive and prestigious residential properties in Australia till now.      

In a nutshell, the transformation of a traditional church into a lavish and one of the most expensive residential houses broke all the sale records in Australia. This beautifully adorned, creatively designed and the aesthetically conceptualised real estate has everything that will give set a living standard at the top of a hill.  


Collingwood: An affluent suburb of Melbourne

The property is conveniently located in the heart of Collingwood, one of the demanding suburbs of Melbourne. The property is allowing you to easily access the CBD, state-of-the-art shopping malls, breathtaking harbour views and other entertainment hubs around the city.

Though the suburb has more percentage of independent individuals and young singles, one can find the luxury apartments, beautiful cottages, prestigious mansions and 4-unit houses for families to maintain their lavish living standard and other high-end amenities.

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